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Bon Jovi

[Runaway | Roulette | Shot Through The Heart | Love Lies]
[Breakout | Burning For Love | Come Back | Get Ready]


(Jon Bon Jovi / George Karakoglou)

On the streets where you live
The girls talk about their social lives
Theyíre made of lipstick, plastic and paint
A touch of sable in their eyes

All your life all you asked
When is your Daddy gonna talk to you
But you were living in another world
Tryiní to get a message through

No one heard a single word you said
They shouldíve seen it in your eyes
What was going around your head

Ooh, sheís a little runaway
Daddyís girl learned fast
All those things he couldnít say
Ooh, sheís a little runaway

A different line every night
Guarenteed to blow your mind
I see you out on the streets
Call me for a wild time

So you sit home alone
ĎCause therís nothing left that you can do
Thereís only pictures hung in the shadows
Left there to look at you

You know she likes the lights at night
On the neon Broadway signs
She donít really mind
Itís only love she hopes to find



(Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora)

Bet the black, comes in red
Crimes of passion rule my head
I need you, you want him
Dressed to kill, we live in sin

I know the game you play, I know it well
You just keep on playiní when all the bets are down

Roulette - Goiní round in a spin
Caught up in a game you canít win
Roulette - youíre just a fantasy
Itís everything that you want it to be

Play the numbers one by one
Fire the shot and the damage is done
Restless lovers pay the price
Cheating hearts donít think twice

When you make the rules no one can slow you down
You just keep Ďem waiting when youíre on the prowl


Backdoor runner got away this time
Leaves her mark at the scene of the crime
Nothing matters, no faces, no names
Youíre just a number, itís all the same
You just love to play the game

I know the game you play, I know it well
You just keep on playing when all the bets are down


She Donít Know Me

(Marc Avsec)

What more can I do, thereís nothing I havenít tried
Still itís so hard for her to notice
Iíve treid hard to be straight
Thereís nothing left I can say
If only she would look my way

She donít know me (She donít know)
She donít see me (She donít care)
She canít hear me ( Canít hear)
Can not help me (She donít want)
She donít want me (Like I want her)
Like I want her ( Got to tell her)
Got to tell her (That I love her)
That I love her
She doesnít even know my name

I dream of when sheíll be mine
I dream of crossing that line
And holding her so tender
Dreaming it could come true
So many things I would do
If only youíd give me a chance


Shot Through The Heart

(Jon Bon Jovi / John Ponti)

Would you be content to see me crying
After all those little games you put me through
After all Iíve done for you youíre lying
Wouldnít it be nice to tell the truth

Didnít somebody somewhere say
Youíre heading for a fall
I gave you everything
Now hereís the curtain call

Shot through the heart as I lay there alone
In the dark (Shot) through the heart
Itís all part of the game that we call love

Now youíve come back here to say youíre sorry
But I just donít know who youíre talking to
It could be the man I used to be, girl
But Iíve grown up and now Iím over you

Standing here just a live wire
With nowhere left to turn
You were gonna set the world on fire
When will you ever learn?


Didnít somebody somewhere say
Youíre heading for a fall
I gave you everything
Now hereís the curtain call
And Iím shot...

Baby does what baby please
And baby must have what she sees
But not this time the tables turned
And baby just got burned


Love Lies

(Jon Bon Jovi / David Rashbaum)

I was lost, then I found you
I never thought it would be this way
Showed you my heart, left it unguarded
Like a thief in the night
You stole it away

Now youíre gone, the pain goes on and on
I still hear you whispering to me
Through the shadows of the night

Love lies
Youíre just a victim of the headlines
Youíre running on into a cold night
Just a number to the love lies

All alone, you call it survival
He lost his love to a strangerís lines
Walking the streets searching for vengeance
For a face that he dreams of night after night

Time goes on all signs of life stolen
Simple dreams were all broken
Best of times become desperation
But how many tears must you cry to survive


They met one night in the city
Both men knew only one would stay
Scratched a picture of a heart on a bullet
And took his life away



(Jon Bon Jovi / David Rashbaum)

This time girl Iíve had enough
Youíre too hot o handle with kid gloves
Itís too late, I hear a knock on the door
The gameís over baby,
I canít take it no more

Breakout, Breakout
These chains from me
You held my heart for ransom
Baby set it free
Breakout, breakout
Your lies canít hide what I see
Iím better off on my own

Promises made in the heat of the night
Those words were broken under bedroom lights
Your lips they burn, your body calls my name
I can feel the fire but itís all in vain


You say weíll meet around midnight
Youíre gonna make me feel oh so right
Iím saying "Oh no, not tonight,
You gotta let me go"


You say weíll meet around midnight....

Burning For Love

(Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora)

Iíve been lied to, youíve been cheated
Iíve been cried to, youíve been mistreated
Iíve been watching you, you want action
You need love and I need satisfaction

Iím burning for love
Filled with desire
I canít stand the heat
My heartís on fire
I canít get enough
Itís down to the wire
Making my move, Iím looking for you
Iím burning for love

Youíre the victim, itís in your eyes
Iím the suspect and loveís the crime
Tensions mounting, bodies shaking
I canít take this anticipation


Now that I got you in my sights
Canít take another sleepless night Oh no no
You can run but you canít hide
Youíre the only one I need
To feel the fire inside


Come Back

(Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora)

Now that youíre gone
I can see what was going on
And how you lied
When you said youíd never love again

Friend telephone and they say
You werenít out alone last night
Canít you see that
This broken heart is killing me

Another night is falling
And now my heart is calling you back to me

Come back Ďcause I need your love
Come back gotta have your love
Come back bring your loving back to me
Come back Ďcause itís been so long
Come back and my loveís still strong
Come back bring your loving back to me

You play with words, play with love
Itís just your silly way
Iím a fool
ĎCause I need you by my side again

Now itís too late you walk by
With another man
And I stand alone
ĎCause I know that youíre not coming home





Get Ready

(Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora)

You need someone to make it last
No Romeoís whoíll love and leave you fast
They fade away
Tonight youíre not gonna be alone
Making love on the telephone
Baby, baby if you can hold on

Iím gonna take you all the way tonight
I like Ďem down and dirty, hold on tight

Come on, get ready
Come on, get ready

Youíre looking sharp in your dancing shoes
You got the style and you got the moves
Oh youíre so hot girl and on the loose
Youíre caught up in the danger zone
Just seventeen but you act full grown
The nightlife is turning you on
You want to take me all the way tonight
Take my hand, can you feel the heat
Make you feel alright


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