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Who makes the tabs?

The FreezeZone tabs usually have the authors name in them. Most of the tabs are transcribed by Antti Iiskola, some by Rumen Krastev and some by other people, who have given FreezeZone the right to publish their tabs here. Making tabs really isn't rockect science. All you have to have is a pair of good ears, lots of patience and some knowledge on playing guitar. We´re happy to help in transcribing songs if we can. And any tab you have made, we´re happy to check them and maybe even publish here.

How can I get tabs?

Here in FreezeZone getting tabs is real easy. Just go to the tabs - section and click on the song you want. You´ll get a preview of the tab right away. If you want to print the tab, click on the printer - icon and then on the link to print your page. You can also copy the tab to your computer by copying the text from that page. Please, remember that you´re not allowed to publish these tabs anywhere without a permission from FreezeZone or the tab author.

If you want to get tabs for other bands or artists, just use a search engine. Keywords tabs and the artist name should work. You may also want to try the keyword chords to search for chordfiles. One place to start would probably be The Online Guitar Archive - www.olga.net.

How can I make tabs myself?

Well, all you really need is a text editor. Even Notepad will do, even though it´s little slow to use. But basically anything that allows you to use monospaced fonts is fine. I personally use a program called Text Pad pretty often, but sometimes I edit my tabs with tab programs, such as Guitar Studio or similar.

Actual transcribing is the hardest part. All I can say is have a lot of patience and listen to the song over a few times before you start. Can you really transcribe it? After you´ve chosen a song. Listen to it over and over again. And while writing the parts down, I usually sit with my guitar and computer and listen a little piece of the song over and over playing along and writing down how it goes. When a tab is done, I leave it for couple of days and then check if I still agree with it. If I do, I publish it, if not, I´ll have to correct it.

How can I send a tab to FreezeZone?

First check that it is written with FreezeZone - standards in mind, ie. the tabs look like others on this site. Then just choose Contact -> Send us your tabs from the menu on top of your screen.

Where can I find the song xxx?

In FreezeZone all the songs are arranged by albums. So in order to find a song you must know which album it is on. You may also use the search - function once it´s up and running.

How to read tabs?

Choose About -> Tabs from the menu. Or click here.

How can I comment on the lyrics?

If you find something to complain about the lyrics or something is missing let me know. The lyrics have been confirmed from album covers or CD - booklets whenever possible. Some mistakes might still be there, please let me know if you find any. If you have lyrics to the songs we don't yet have, please send them to us.

Latest addition

Born To Be My Baby

from the album
New Jersey
by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Desmond Child

tabbed by
Arash Eslami

Tab of the week

Why Aren't You Dead

from the album
Box Set
by Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

tabbed by
Antti Iiskola

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