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What is the best show opener?
Lay Your Hands On Me
Lay Your Hands On Me w/ marching band
I Believe
Tokyo Road
Pink Flamingos / Raise Your Hands
Livin' On A Prayer
One Wild Night
Last Man Standing

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What do you think about Have A Nice Day?
It rocks!
A few good songs, lots of bad songs.
The best thing Bon Jovi's released!
It sucks!
Couldn't care less.

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Welcome to the new FreezeZone guys!

If you're looking for the older Europe - tabs, go to: freeze.thebf.com.

Remember, you won't find any s.c. "tabs" here, ie. chord-sheets or piano conversions, unless the song is that way. Just plain, good-old tabs.

Updated 26.10.2011

I haven't been here in years, and I guess it shows. I really don't like the music Bon Jovi are making any more, so I haven't learned any new songs in quite a while. Also, I have a life that requires me to be somewhere almost 24/7, so I really don't have the time any more.

So don't hold your breath for any of the new stuff ever appearing here, neither the tabs or the album infos. I'll probably add the rest of the older songs sometime, if I feel like it. :)

I've also considered turning this site into a wiki, with tabs anyone could edit, but where I would be the final censor on what goes. Would YOU be interested in participating if I did that? That way it wouldn't be only up to me to publish the tabs etc. Well, let me know, the feedback form is right there.

See ya again sometime,


Well well well. It seems I'm currently in the rhythm of updating this site once a year, near Christmas. :) Be sure to check out the messageboards, there's a lot of stuff there that isn't on this site, like the chords for the whole Have A Nice Day - album!
This time all the apart from one were transcribed by Arash Eslami. He provided us with tabs to Born To Be My Baby,Standing (a Bounce B-side) and You Give Love A Bad Name off the This Left Feels Right - album. Michael Mikkelsen sent us a new, better version of Made In America from Richies solo album Undiscovered Soul.

I myself have been working on a few new songs, and I should have LMS and HAND up soon.

Tilll then, keep on rocking!


Surprise! :D I've had a little time to work on FreezeZone, so you can now enjoy the results. First of all I added TLFR and the box set to the albums. But that's not the end of it. I also added a few tabs!

From TLFR we've got Born To Be My Baby by Arash and yours truly, and from the box set a whopping 3 songs! Why Aren't You Dead, We Rule The Night and The Fire Inside transcribed by me.

I've also updated the "Others" section by moving a few songs to the box set list. So now we're the first site on the net to have 7 box set songs transcribed. Beat that, all-around-every-band-lousy-tabs-and-chord-sheets-sites! :)

More to come...


Hey, I promised I'd update before christmas! :) Okay, so it's not much of an update, just one song, but again, it's something no one else has. So, enjoy. Here's "My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms". And stay tuned, there's more to come.


Hello again! This update is totally Rumen. :) He's transcribed all the stuff I'm updating today. I've got some more coming up as soon as I get this workload of my back. Anyway, this time we've got Breakout, both the recorded version and a live version from Sheffield '86. Silent Night from Fahrenheit, Ballad Of Youth from Richie and a revised version of Another Reason To Believe, this time with solo.

Hope this keeps you happy for a while. I've got My Guitar coming up, I'm almost done, just the solos and ending still need work. See ya soon!

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All the bug reports (there's bound to be few...sorry), comments, corrections, etc. to this address:


Hope you enjoy the ride...



Latest addition

Born To Be My Baby

from the album
New Jersey
by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Desmond Child

tabbed by
Arash Eslami

Tab of the week

Why Aren't You Dead

from the album
Box Set
by Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

tabbed by
Antti Iiskola

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